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Tower Bridge, London by traceyjohns on Flickr.
It sounded better in my head.
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"When early explorers first set out West across the Atlantic, most people thought the world was flat. Most people thought if you sailed far enough West, you would drop off a plane into nothing. Those vessels sailing out into the unknown, they weren’t carrying noblemen or aristocrats, artists or merchants. They were crewed by people living on the edge of life: the madmen, orphans, ex-convicts, outcasts like myself. As a felon, I’m an unlikely candidate for most things. But perhaps not for this. Perhaps I am the most likely."


Emma Roberts in Palo Alto
I hate when a good song is ruined by a bad memory.
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isn’t it weird how with some people you never run out of things to talk about but with others it’s like you always end up talking about the weather

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tracey emin - one thousand drawings

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  • My thoughts before anything: maybe if i wasn't ugly

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